• Understanding advert requirements to get the layout of the core message.
    • Familiarising yourselves with the product, target audience and competitor activities in the market.
    • Brainstorming ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the creative team.
    • Presenting initial ideas to the creative director, some of which may be rejected or developed into workable concepts.
    • Writing various copy options, as a storyboard (a consecutive series of frames depicting the script and drawings that may be used).
    • Write clear, persuasive, original copy through the various iterations of the project.
    • Proofread copy to check spelling and grammar.
    • Amend, revise or redevelop adverts or campaigns in response to feedback from the creative team.
    • Monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Copywriting can mean a number of different things; whether you are working in video content marketing, building a corporate identity design or improving the user experience of your website, you are bound to come across copywriting at some point.

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Reviews by individuals who wanted to pursue a career in Copywriting


St.Xavier's College

I am a social media addict and wanted to explore a career in the same. Took up several internships and all that I was told to do is a post, retweet, like, etc. Xpert internship is beautifully designed to help you learn all those nitty-gritty well.


Shri Shikshayatan

I never thought that there was so much more to content than met the eye. I was exposed to writing for a purpose- to entertain, educate and convince. Really, my entire perception to writing has evolved.


Stanford University

I came across this internship through a friend and just loved the experience. Virtual yet my work was evaluated and given feedback on. Each task was exciting to do and the best part is working at my convenience.


Christ University

Studied Marketing as majors and took up multiple internships to upscale my skills. Each internship only disappointed me. I was assigned miniature jobs with absolutely no learning. I just love the internship at Xpert. Virtual but truly a great learning experience.



I was looking for an internship in marketing and trust me the Xpert internship has been a blessing. I actually did 3 internships with them in SEO, Copywriting Intern and Content just has been fantastic and so much learning.


Reliance Aims

For an overworked Engineering student, getting a work experience in Graphic Designing can be really tough. Xpert gave me the apt exposure and experience simultaneously with flexibility. Loved the company.

What is Copywriting Intern ?

Copywriting is the skill and field of work, where a writer creates sales promotions and other marketing materials for products and services.It is defined as the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action.

Why is copywriting important?
A copywriter gives voice to the business, by communicating your business message to the target audience in the most creative way. Here are reasons to why copywriting is considered important:

1.Understanding target market
Creating great copy requires an in-depth understanding of the niche and subject matters within the niche. The aim is to create the perfect balance between information and relatability. A good copywriter makes sure to do his/her research when creating copy.

2.Brand Image
Brand image is the identity portrayal of the brand. It highly affects the customer’s perception of the brand and is reflected by their buying habits. Copywriters understand the image that the company is trying to put forward and work to create that image through their content. Copywriters content reflects brand image through tone, language and relatability.

3.Creating value
Every Ad copy has to serve a purpose in order to capture readers attention. Readers looking for quality information and insights. A good copywriter understands all this and creates content that provides the right information along with the benefits of your service/product. They know how to create the necessary tone and encourage users to take necessary action.

4.Reach Audience with right message
Copywriting is about communicating with the company’s audience. Messaging is your tagline, key impact statements or company phrases, and tone of voice. As such, copy that basically follows a different format based on the media. Many copywriters make the mistake of simply stating facts about the company and products. This is ineffective as most audiences expect personalized content. Copywriting is really about persuasion.

Copy is the heart and soul of almost every marketing endeavor. Get a great foundation for all your campaigns with this career development program. If you are aspiring to become a copywriter, communications manager or even as a copywriting intern, Xpert is here to help individuals with an aspiration to develop a career in copywriting. Learn the copywriting basics as well as craft Ad copy for promotional marketing campaigns. It would help you get equipped with right video commercial scripts, radio jingle scripts, social media posts, poster ad copy,etc. If you are looking for your first copywriting job, first experience it at Xpert to get your elementary basics right and to build the portfolio of your work for better employment prospects.