What will you be doing during this internship?

Social Prospecting

Learn how to identify Potential Prospects on various social media handles.

Content Curation

Gain insights, collect relevant stories and bring it live on the Xpert platform.

Design Thinking

Understand their needs of users to suggest strategies to overcome issues.

Search Engine Optimization

Perform Keyword research, write SEO blogs to improve Xpert’s visibility.

User Acquisition Strategy

Work with the team to identify users of the domain that you would manage.

Product Development

Be the front line drivers to get inputs to work with HQ to improvise the App.

Let Everyone
Learn from the Best

Xpert - is a social learning app to help you learn from the best. We are not your regular online course, but rather an experience that is beyond regular classes, lectures & assignments. We have India's top experts across each profession share their experiences, opinions, techniques & advice accumulated over the lifetime of their careers.

What is in it for you?

Learn by Doing

You’ll be expected to learn as much as you possibly can while work, and have opportunities to harness your hard and soft skill as a budding professional be it technical, social or professional front as an individual.

Get a Certification

Today, professional accolades hold a far superior value for you that any academic degree or course may have. Having internship/live-project while in college can be very impressive to potential employers.

Build Network

Networking involves building relationships with the team, prospective big banner experts, users and fellow interns. As you move closer to your career path you will realise how important these contacts prove to be.

Make a career call

Finally, usually at the tail-end of your internship, you have to make a career-defining decision: Did you love the experience and can’t wait to dive back in again? Or do you feel you’d be happier doing something else?

What is the eligibility criteria?

Strong Communication Skills

The job would require you to reachout to experts of different fields and therefore you need to be strong and confident in your verbal and written communication with them.

Available to Work for 8 weeks

You will be trained and assigned tasks that have been crafted for a duration of 8 weeks across domains of research, content, seo and business development.

Technologically Equipped

We expect you to have a laptop/PC with a smooth functional internet connection. This is a must. Absence of which, will not permit you to perform the tasks delegated to you.

Which internship batch do you want to join?

















How to Apply?

1 Submit Application

Share your details and CV here to help us know you better.

2 Assignment Round

Once shortlisted, you will receive an email with an assignment.

3 Telephonic Interview

On clearing the assignment round, you will have an interview.

4 Get Started

Once shortlisted you will receive the offer letter with all details.

Have Questions?

1Who would be training you?

The experts from headquarter would be training you on every aspect of the internship.  

2How will I receive my tasks?

You will be part of the organisation communication channel called Slack where you would delegated tasks.

3Is it fixed working hours?

You need to work for a minimum of 30hours a week. Time can be decided by you. But you need to fulfill your everyday tasks which would be reviewed by your manager the next day.

4How will my tasks be evaluated?

You would be assigned targets every week which you would be expected to achieve. Please note: I am not talking of sales targets. The targets assigned to you would be interesting and truly fulfilling.

 5Will I be paid?

It is an unpaid internship. Given thousands of students await to gain real life learning. Our initiative tends to provide them work experience in return for the work done by them for our initiative-Xpert.  

 6How many people will be there in a batch?

We usually shortlist 20 people per batch to make sure the training and output delivered is of top quality.  

 7I am not a student. Can I apply?

If you are willing to learn and have the zeal to work hard, you are most welcome to apply. We would love to have you.  

 8Will I receive my offer letter and experience letter?

You will be receiving your offer letter once you are shortlisted after the assignment round. Thereafter once you have completed the internship/live-project you would be entitled to a certificate at the end of 8 weeks.  

 9Whom will I be reporting to?

You will be assigned a manager who would be directing you all through the internship and hand hold you to make sure you have learnt everything well.  

What do our interns have to say?