My Campus Post


1Is it work from home or office?

Xpert offers a virtual internship that can be completed at your convenience, anytime from anywhere and fits into your schedule as convenient. The internship is designed to offer you corporate exposure while working from home. You will have tasks to complete, deadlines to meet, and targets to achieve.  

2Will I be paid?

Xpert interns do not receive monetary compensation. Your reward for completing this internship is a certificate of competency and an experience to build your professional career. As our past interns say, "It's definitely worth the effort and great learning".

3What is the application process?

The application is simple. You apply through the portal and will be registered immediately. You will then go through our company orientation process to understand the company and its mission. No qualification restrictions or interview. We give wings to your passion.

4What work will I have to do?

Based on your interest, you can choose to join us as a social media intern, SEO intern, content writing intern, copywriting intern or graphic designing intern. Your work will depend on the internship you choose. Interns are important to us in helping us achieve our mission and will be given valuable work to complete.

 5How long will this internship be?

4 weeks. You will be expected to complete all your designated tasks within the given period. In case, you don't you will not be eligible for a certificate. 

 6Will I get a certificate?

You will receive a certificate once you have completed all your designated tasks. 

 7What if I am busy now and want to join later?

In case you are busy, you can re-apply later. We understand you have commitments to attend to before, so once free we would love to have you back. 

 7After the internship can I get a fulltime offer?

If your work is exceptionally good and if we think you could be a great fit to our team our HR department would reach out to you.